About the Helen of Hollingsworth Trilogy

UPDATE: we are delighted to announce that all three books in the Helen of Hollingsworth trilogy are now available for purchase. Buy Books I and II at BookPeople, and buy all three books at Amazon!


“A well-written, intelligent, exciting choice for readers looking to get hooked on a new fantasy series.” –Kirkus Reviews

One of Kirkus ReviewsBest Indie Books of 2013!

.The first book in an exciting new YA trilogy, Choose Your Weapon is a fast-paced adventure that blends together fantasy and reality. Part The Lord of the Rings, part The Breakfast Club, the book follows a quiet Latina teenager from a small Texas town who must work with her high school adversaries to fight dragons in a magical world — without the rest of the school discovering their secret mission.

Press and praise for the book:

The entire Helen of Hollingsworth trilogy is available in the following stores:

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2 thoughts on “About the Helen of Hollingsworth Trilogy

  1. Nice site and congrats on your first book! Just wondering, who did your website and what legal entity is your biz? I’m looking to do the entrepreneur thing and am picking brains left and right.

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